XenClient2 on Macbook Pro 13”

XenClient offers the capability to run a level 1 hypervisor directly on a notebook. It’s like a thin XenServer for notebooks. On top of this hypervisor you can theoretically every virtual Machine you want. At the moment there’s only Windos XP/7 and Ubuntu (experimental) supported. It’s possible to directly give the graphics card to the VMs so you’ll have great graphic experience. Another great feature is the ability to share applications between two different VM’s for security or compatiblity reason.

There are only a few Notebooks which are officially supported, a list of all supported models you’ll find here.


After downloading and burning the CD image the installation is quiet simple. Except of some warnings that the graphic chip isn’t supported and VT-d Technology isn’t enabled everything seems fine.

First start…

The Macbook isn’t supported at all, either chipset nor the nvidia graphics. But let’s see if it works or at least wh

ats happening. Got a bad feeling, the grey screen last too long…

…but then here we go a nice looking “starting hypervisor” pops up! FREEZE! …nothing happens anymore!

Regarding to some posts in the citrix forums, this is issue is a nvidia only “bug”. Sadly I have to wait until they, at least, support nVidia graphics! But if you have a newer notebook, best case with sandy bridge. XenClient is worth a try!

More details which features XenClient2 has is available on the official citrix site. Citrix XenClient