Homeserver with HP MicroServer and Proxmox, Part I – Planning


Some time ago, HP has launched a server specially for small business and home users. It’s called HP MicroServer N36L!

HP MicroServer N36L

The smallest of HP’s server family comes with an 1,3 Ghz AMD Athlon processor as well as a 4-bay harddrive slot. It has additional space for two short PCI-E card (16x adn 1x). For example with the HP Management card or a additional network adapter. Because of the high capacity, the HP Micro Server is dedicated for NAS or simple data server tasks. Besides it should be very quiet and fits perfectly somewhere at home. I was looking a long time¬† for such a NAS/Homeserver combo to an affordable price and decided to buy such a thing.

Hardware planning

Ideally there were some 1TB harddisk lying around at home, these will do a perfect job as a RAID 5 in the Micro Server. The provided 250GB harddisk will be enough for the operating system and the hypervisor (linux/proxmox).

RAM was only 1 GB built in and HP memory is far too expensive. I’ve chose the cheaper KingstonValue 2 x 4 GB PC3-10600 from my favourite onlineshop. I will push up to the maximum size of 8GB RAM.. that’s enough for this tiny little chipset I think.


Software planning

The server isn’t a high performance machine so my decision to take linux as operating system was quiet easy. First idea was to put Citrix XenServer on thath machine but it seems the chipset and XenServer wouldn’t harmonize that much, according to a few citrix¬† forum entries. Beside that, there’s no possibility to manage XenServer without a Windows machine running XenCenter. ESXi is a bit oversized for this small environment so I’ve chose Proxmox which was recommended by a friend of mine. This completes my configruation…